Looking for the best restaurant in Dubai? Here we are!!

Located in the heart of the city, places to eat in Dubai al Kabab al Afghani offers an approachable Avenue for tourists, residents, and Emiratis looking to crave their appetites for delicious and freshly cooked Kababs and other delicious dishes. Regardless of the type of food you want to feast upon, we have the items that will seize your taste buds and leave a lasting taste in your mouth that will keep you coming back to us.

Don't have a mood to go out, but need the delicious food? We got your back!!

For those who would rather stay home to watch a movie or catch a season rerun of Pretty Little Liars, we offer takeaway services so you can either take home your food with you or have us deliver it at your doorstep. With the Dubai traffic, it is hard enough to get on the road let alone find a parking spot close to your destination, with our delivery service, you don’t have to step out of your house. Just give us a call and you will be treating yourself to quality Kababs within minutes. The thing that sets our delivery system apart from other restaurants is that our aim is to deliver the food while it is still warm and to this end, we carefully plan lanes and routes to all parts of Dubai from our establishment. It helps our delivery men get to their destination on time without any traffic delays so you can enjoy the food exactly the way our chefs intended.

We are not like other places to eat in Dubai, but the foremost one!!

Rather than focusing our customers over the top, al Kabab al Afghani prioritizes and prides itself on providing quality food products to increase customer satisfaction. Because we believe it’s a restaurant’s duty to serve only the healthiest products, we don’t charge unreasonable costs when billing our customers. Our food comes from the businesses who hold themselves to the same high standards that we do. We have never compromised on the quality of the food we serve and the quality of food items we use to make our dishes and we never will. Many of our competitors are busy cutting corners to protect their revenue whereas we have consistently led the industry standards and plan to continue our streak. As a business hub of the planet, we identify with the city of Dubai and consider it our duty to represent the taste and restaurants of Dubai in the most possible limelight.

We care customers as like we care for family

We put an incredible emphasis on cooking food in a healthy way so that it appeals to all demographics of the people in Dubai regardless of the countries and continent our customers are from. Our recipes are thus devised so to not upset stomachs and guts of all our customers although we take special requests whenever our customers have any and we try our best to cater to their tastes. So you try Kababs from the best restaurant Dubai without worrying about the food quality. Our food servings aren’t only the tastiest in the city but also the healthiest.

We look forward to welcoming you and your guests to our restaurant to offer you the taste you will never forget.

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